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Your role in caring for the environment can make a difference!

Rubbish Disposal

With Kingscliff Beachside Markets being in such close proximity to the ocean, we need to be sure we are all doing our very best to care for the market grounds, sand dunes and sea. Please dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully. If our bins are full, please bring it to the attention of the Lion's Club market team in the main gazebo.

If you are visiting the beach, please pick up any rubbish that you may find. We are huge advocates of the 'Take 3 for the Sea' movement. Please visit for more information on this wonderful initiative!


We encourage stallholders to sell their produce in recyclable or compostable containers i.e. glass jars, recyclable, plastic containers, paper bags or other compostable wrapping. Where possible, please return your clean empty containers to these stallholders. We would also appreciate you bringing your own shopping bags and reusable coffee cups.

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